About Us


EMODA has expertise in Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), web, desktop, and mobile development. We develop complete systems for the healthcare industry that supports professionals while integrating their existing workflow. We integrate smart devices and medical devices to enhance our applications and sometimes build them completely upon those integrations. We have years of practice with web and mobile applications for a variety of industries

We are working on Image Processing and AI solutions where we open new potential performance and success rate increase in industries that need manual processes to be handled more automated and free from human error.

Our Values


Provide our customers with innovative technology and services that make their life better.


Changing people???s lives through meaningful innovation.


Emoda exists to solve our customers??? most complex and difficult business challenges.

Core Values

  • Excellence – delivering results that are above and beyond your expectations.
  • Move Fast – to build more things and learn faster.
  • Opportunity – to give change to everyone for better life.
  • Delivery – we deliver world-class IT Services Solutions that leave a lasting impact.
  • Always Learn – be aware of the changes and growth that occur in their field.