In the perspective of PERSIST H2020 project Task 4.1 “PERSIST mHealth application” which is led by Emoda Software was developed and delivered in February.
February 2021

Thank you DXC Technology, Univerza v Mariboru and Gradiant for their technical support during the development.
mHealth Application is published with 4 hospitals from Belgium, Latvia, Slovenia, and Spain, which are participants in the project. After their approval, the application will be used by a total of 160 patients from these hospitals during April. As a result of these achievements in the mHealth Application, now patients are able to:
  • > Register and Sign In to the application.
  • > Connect to the smart band, collect data and display the summary of data in different visual components such as charts.
  • > Report daily emotion.
  • > Answer assigned questionnaires by clinicians.
  • > Record a diary video which will be analyzed.
  • > Read the articles specified by clinicians.
  • > Receive messages and appointments from clinicians.

Participation in International Engineering Symposium in Izmir Democracy University
December 2020

As EMODA, we made a presentation about Clinical Decision Support Systems and the EU project we are in at the International Izmir Democracy University Engineering Symposium.

Presentation subject was The Future of Applications For Clinical Decision Support Systems in Healthcare. Case Study: H2020 PERSIST Project

International IDU # Engineering Symposium - IES'20 was held online by Izmir Democracy University between 5-6 and 10-13 December 2020 using Microsoft Teams communication platform. The symposium, which will be held with the main theme of "Engineering Applications in the Industry" this year, was open to the participation of all students, engineers, academicians and other scientists working in the fields of engineering.

Technopark Izmir High Technology Awards Academic Cooperation Award
November 2020

We would like to express our gratitude to the Izmir Teknopark Board of Directors and the Evaluation Committee, which deemed our Emoda Software company worthy of the Academic Cooperation Award at the Technopark Izmir High Technology Awards Award Ceremony.

Izmir History Mobile Application Released
September 2020

Discover the Historical City Center with Izmir History Mobile Application As Emoda Software, we are happy to be in the mobile application process of this project. Izmir History Mobile Application was implemented within the scope of Izmir History Project initiated in 2013 by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

PERSIST Project kick-off meeting in Vigo, Spain
April 2020

1st day is completed for the PERSIST project! As PERSIST team, we held a meeting in Vigo. We are starting a new H2020 project involving Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to improve care for cancer survivors.

Second day at the persist kickoff meeting

At the PERSIST project 2nd day meeting, we start the session by talking about security, privacy and ethics in technology.

Health, Demographic Change and Welfare Information Day

Horizon2020 Health, Demographic Change and Welfare Area 2020 Calls Information Day was held in Ankara on September 9, 2019, at the TÜBİTAK Presidency Building Mustafa İnan Conference Hall, and Emoda Software, Kadir Üğüdücü and Dr. As Umut ARIÖZ, we have made our presentations about both our past experiences and our #PERSIST project. We would like to thank A. Özge Gözay and other HORIZON 2020 / UKO TÜBİTAK team who helped us throughout the event.