emoCardio – CDSS for Cardiovascular Diseases

emoCardio is designed to monitor and screen patients easily who have cardiovascular diseases and consists of four different features; smart band, patient mobile app, clinician mobile app, and web application. With the smart band, patients are continuously monitored in real-time. These data send to the clinical decision support system (CDSS) to detect is there any alert situation. If yes, the patient will be guided (e.g. take an ECG) via the patient mobile app according to CDSS output where the doctor will be informed about the alert via the clinician mobile app to support doctors during the decision-making process. In this way, it is much easier to track any urgent-intervention-needed situations and guide patients.

emoCardio Capabilities

— Real-time patient monitoring with the smart band

— ECG analysis in addition to analysis of vital data

— Evidence-based clinical decision support system to guide clinicians

— An automated process for patient monitoring and screening

Patient App

Mobile application for collecting data, measurements and surveys collected with the smart band and interacting with the physician

The patient app enables better patient engagement by prompting patients to take measurements with instant notifications, providing feedback on patient experiences through surveys and messages from their physicians on specific conditions.

Clinician App

Mobile app for clinicians that provides interfaces to monitor patients and use analyze services with the collected data and measurements

Provides for each clinician to see all the retrospective vital data of each patient, including a trend, and to analyze all the retrospective ECG images one by one. Opportunity to see instant atrial fibrillation risk, stroke risk and bleeding risk by running instant CDSS for a patient at any time. Opportunity to see the answers given by clinicians to all questionnaires retrospectively for each patient. Provides non-intrusive and more accurate assistance with patient-specific settings that personalize push notifications and responses. Opportunity to send a message to the relevant patient via the system in the warning and critical warnings generated by the instant CDSS. CDSS examines gathered data according to clinical guidelines and patient-specific control limits adjusted by clinicians.