Microcell Laboratory Information System

Microcell Laboratory Information System is software developed for laboratories to provide service to all private and public hospitals in Turkey. Microcell provides coordination and secure data flow between hospitals and laboratories.

Fastens Processes with E-Signature

An electronic signature is an electronic code used to sign electronic carbon documents. The electronic signature system works between the encrypted sending computer and the receiving computer that can decrypt this encryption. The encryption transaction of the sender and the transaction of the receiver indicate that the encryption process of the data has been performed.

While e-signature provides the opportunity to approve the report with just one click, it also makes the approval process more practical by saving time and avoiding confusion. Payment for reports approved in this way can also be received quickly. In short, Microcell is an important solution that shortens and simplifies all processes of analysis.

Efficient Report Writing Tools

It allows reporting the results of pathological examinations in detail in groupings. Thanks to the ability to transfer the created and saved reports to the web, the reports can always be viewed clearly and in detail and can be examined quickly. At the same time, guide e-mails can be sent to doctors’ mails. The tests can be made into templates and saved beforehand, and then the report writing is completed and finalized.