Vetcode Software and Mobile Application

Vetcode Software and Mobile Application provide a complete management system, handling all aspects of veterinary clinics, with features optimized for specific types of practices and styles of veterinary care. A mobile application for pet owners is developed to follow-up vaccinations, appointments and past diagnoses of the patient.

Vetcode makes it simple by giving freedom to users by handing them the choice to use all features of the application or only parts fitting their business workflow.

Medical Device Integration

The software communicates with medical test devices in clinics. Making test results easy to be recorded in patient records and even share it to patient pets owner easily. Vetcode works hard on making sure that all devices on the market are integrated to the software.

Frequent Updates with New Features

Using the power of web-based and mobile development, Vetcode builds up new features rapidly and releases new updates with its updating software on local machines in clinics.

Securing Sensitive Data

Vetcode builds it security by layering the process to reach data and filtering the data according to usage and necessity. By keeping data hidden and offline most of the time, clinicians can be sure their customer data, patient reports and financial records are safe.

Communication with Customers and Tracking Patients

Vetcode puts the communication with customers at its center. And provides flexibility on choosing the communication media to their users. Clinicians can choose to use SMS services, mobile notifications or sending information via email.