Internet Of Things (IoT)

Secure and scalable technology solutions for your company.

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Artificial Intelligience (Al)

Successfully build, deploy, and manage AI solutions in your industry

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Cloud Computing (CC)

Implement smart cloud software strategy and optimize your cloud environment.

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Big Data

Explore data analytics to get valuable information and use it at full capacity.

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Designing and developing engaging virtual assistants

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To manage all aspects of hospital operations

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Game Technologies

Proactive consulting solutions to help you get the most out of your game and systems investments.

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Protect Your Applications and Network

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To get high-quality code and the safest verification systems for your crypto-focused websites.

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Software Development

Enabling business agility and efficiency with web and mobile solutions.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications for business is all about getting your work done effectively and efficiently.

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Data Analytics And Visualization

Take advantage of the newest tools to gain remarkable insights

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Automated Deployment and environment configuration both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Web Application Development

Build powerful web applications with scalable features

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IT Consulting

IT Strategy services to enhance business productivity

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Developing smart digital platforms and healthcare apps

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Give your user the best shopping experience possible.

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IT solutions and services for advertising verticals

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Development of high performance outsourced solutions for industrial manufacturing companies

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From the need for better e-learning environment to integrated student information management system

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Transport management software solutions uniquely cater to the transportation industry

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Video-Based Business Study Software Development Project

Programme: Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) 1507 Programme
Start – Finish Dates: August 2018 - Continues
Objective: To develop software that will guide the employer in terms of time study, method study and assembly line balancing by using work study techniques.

Cloud Computing-Based Forecasting Tool (KOSGEB)

Multifunctional estimation tool based on cloud computing techniques has been developed for SME companies. With the project developed, it was ensured that the employees of the company could make information discovery without having theoretical knowledge about data mining.

Animal HIMS

Complete Management: The Animal HIMS provides a complete management system, handling all aspects of your hospital, with features optimized for specific types of practices and styles of veterinary care.
Time Management: With the best Appointment Schedulers - the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler for larger hospitals and the Basic Appointment Scheduler for smaller hospitals & mobile practices.
Evolution: Since birth, the Animal HIMS has evolved within the veterinary practice, with all functions and features focused on your needs.

Schnedier Electrical Product Control System

The application provides detailed photographing and traceability of the products produced by the factory with the barcode system before reaching the customer.

Schneider Electric Inventory Tracking

The application allows you to keep and count your inventory in an easy and simple way by scanning the barcode of the products that the factory manufactures.


The application is an e-commerce platform where the dried nut products are sold online on the web.

Mirada Construction

The application is a corporate website where the construction company’s portfolios and projects are explained.

Lockwin Balcony Glazing System

The application is the system that makes offers and online calculations which includes folding system, sliding system and guillotine systems for the manufacturing companies.