Problems Encountered in Imaging Centers

The health sector is one of the areas where the service quality expectation is the highest and the service quality of the health sector is of critical importance as it directly affects the quality of life of people. Today, with the developing technology, many projects/products have been developed to increase service quality.

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The reasons such as the small number of imaging centers and the inability to have every imaging device in every center, the cooperation of existing imaging centers with many hospitals or private clinics, and the physicians’ request for several different examinations from patients have made imaging centers one of the units with the highest concentration. Therefore, the workload of physicians and other health personnel working in imaging centers increases significantly, and problems that directly affect costs arise, such as time loss due to congestion, inability to use personnel and devices at full capacity, and patient losses due to these. The fact that appointments given for examinations in imaging centers can be created quickly, accurately and without any problems, regardless of the density of the centers, increases the satisfaction of the patients with the health service they receive, and thus ensures the financial gain of the imaging center and the goodwill of the patient-customer.

Along with the increase in the workload of the physicians, too much paperwork load arises in the processes such as preparing reports about the examinations, signing the prepared reports and uploading them to the system. Given the density of imaging centers, confusion in this type of paperwork is inevitable.

These problems are experienced in almost all imaging centers, taking into account both the health service satisfaction of the patients and the workload of the physicians and health personnel, customizing the imaging centers according to the workflow, personnel capacity and device capacity can be solved in a compact way by;

  • Easy, fast and hassle-free creation of appointments for healthcare professionals
  • Creating examination reports over automatic report drafts for physicians and signing the generated reports with e-signature
  • The ability to send reports signed with e-signature directly to the PACS system and to the institutions that have contracted imaging centers over a common platform

Thus, the whole process from appointment to reporting in imaging centers can be standardized and a working infrastructure can be created in accordance with the workflow of imaging centers.

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