Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Patients-centered Survivorship care plan after Cancer treatments based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (PERSIST)

Topic: SC1-DTH-01-2019
Type of Action RIA
Duration in months 38
Proposal ID : 875406

PERSIST aims at developing an open and interoperable ecosystem to improve the care of cancer survivors. The ecosystem proposed consists of a Big Data platform to be built on top of an open infrastructure from one of the partners and a mHealth application for patients. The main building blocks to be developed are a multimodal sensing network running on a smart phone that will collect relevant data regarding the wellbeing of the patient; predictive models from anonymised health data from thousands of breast and colorectal patients; and modules essential for the development of a decision support system, which will employ the predictive models mentioned.

Funded by EU under the Horizon 2020 program.

With 13 partners from 10 countries in Europe.

Cancer survivors will benefit from the project developments and results through:
  • ► Personalized recommendation for a higher quality of care plans to shorten the recovery period and mitigate negative effect of the treatments
  • ► Providing more effective strategies for lifestyle changes and return to work
  • ► Improving the forecast of their illness, by predicting individual patients’ trajectories
  • ► Facilitating timely medical interventions, improving patient counseling


  • ► Providing a web interface for clinics to create anonymized patient data
  • ► Developing mobile applications for both patients and clinicians in the program
  • ► Collecting data from smart bracelet such as blood pressure, daily steps and send them to Big Data platform through the PERSIST patient mobile app
  • ► Developing a CDSS that uses the collected data from all partners and display results in clinician app on demand and/or on alert conditions

mHealth App Screenshots