What is the emoRAD Radiology Information System?

emoRAD Radiology Information System is software designed to facilitate the workflow of radiology centers. It has a dynamic structure that can be integrated into the workflow of every radiology center. With its easy interface, appointment and reporting modules, it allows to carry out the basic works that take place in all centers together. Other features of emoRAD Radiology Information System can be summarized as follows:

  • Branches of radiology centers can be added to the system.
  • Different users can be defined according to their authorizations.
  • Devices in branches and working hours of devices can be added.
  • The examinations made with the devices can be defined.
  • Contracted institutions can be added.
  • Different price lists can be defined.
  • Appointments can be made to patients according to the working and availability hours of the devices.
  • The past appointments of the patients can be followed up.
  • Ready report templates can be defined. Templates can be edited if needed.
  • Radiologists can sign reports quickly and easily with e-signature.
  • Completed reports can be viewed independently of emoRAD via the website by contracted institutions.
  • All transactions performed in emoRAD are recorded.
  • Patient information and reports can be transferred directly to the PACS system.
  • Managers can monitor performance with monthly, annual and institution-based general ledger reports.