December 2020 PERSIST mHealth Application

Thank you DXC Technology, Univerza v Mariboru and Gradiant for their technical support during the development.
mHealth Application is published with 4 hospitals from Belgium, Latvia, Slovenia, and Spain, which are participants in the project. After their approval, the application will be used by a total of 160 patients from these hospitals during April. As a result of these achievements in the mHealth Application, now patients are able to:
  • > Register and Sign In to the application.
  • > Connect to the smart band, collect data and display the summary of data in different visual components such as charts.
  • > Report daily emotion.
  • > Answer assigned questionnaires by clinicians.
  • > Record a diary video which will be analyzed.
  • > Read the articles specified by clinicians.
  • > Receive messages and appointments from clinicians.